What can you do to protect MN lakes and rivers??

Christopher Lundeen3/21/18

Living in Minnesota, we appreciate the abundant access to waters throughout the state.  We have some great lakes in northern MN, streams in southern, with clean and clear water. We also have many lakes and streams throughout the state with water quality issues.  As a water quality professional, I work every day to protect those clean lakes/rivers and work on restoring those impaired lakes. As Minnesotan’s, we can all do something to protect our lakes/rivers, with BMPs.  What are BMPs?  Best management practices are practices that we can put on our property to slow and filter water before it runs off our land into local lakes, streams, rivers and/or ground water.  

We as Minnesotan’s need to stop pointing the finger at others (ie. farmers, cities, lakeshore owners, etc.), instead we need to work together to protect our waters for future generations to be able to enjoy our 10k+ lakes, rivers and streams like we are able to today.  

So what can you do?  Implement BMPs on your property!!

Some BMPs are expensive, some are easy and will save you money!  There are also many different ways to help pay for these BMPs, local counties, watershed districts, water management organizations, etc. can help with funding, planning or both.  

Types of BMPs: (click on BMP for more info)

Native Shoreline Buffers

Rain Gardens

Rain Barrels

Not fertilizing or fertilizing your lawns/fields are the correct time.

Wetlands Restoration/Creation

Stormwater Ponds

Cover Crops

Find other great information about protecting our waters here!




U of MN Extensions

Let’s stop pointing fingers at each other and work together in protecting our waters!!

Chris - Clean Lakes MN

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