Donation Organizations

15% of profits will be donated to: 

  • Freshwater Society 
  • Friends of the BWCA  

    Thank you for all of your support and helping with our mission of protecting MN waters for future generations!

    See more about the Freshwater Society and Friends of the BWCA below! 


    Freshwater Society

    The Freshawater Society is one of our donation partners. Learn more about them and all the great work they do to protect MN waters, go to their website or read more below.  

    Freshwater Society’s Mission:

    The mission of Freshwater is to inspire and empower people to value and preserve our freshwater resources.

    Since 1968, Freshwater has been a leading public nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving freshwater resources and their surrounding watersheds. To that end, we:

    the vital role of freshwater to all living things and the impending crisis in the quantity and quality of accessible freshwater.
    our experience and resources to activities that lead to understanding, protection, enhancement, and restoration of freshwater resources.
    the participation and support of individuals, associations, business and industry, institutions, educators, and government in these activities.


    Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness 

    Learn more about their work:

    Carved by glaciers and sculpted by water, there are countless reasons why the BWCA is the most popular Wilderness Area in the United States. At over 1.1 million acres, it contains more than 1,100 lakes, 1200 miles of canoe routes, a dozen rugged hiking trails and endless opportunities to explore and discover an adventure.

    Since 1976, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness has been the voice for clean water and wilderness

    Our vision for the future of this national treasure lies at the intersection of people, communities and wilderness.

    The site will help you discover more about this national treasure, from how to plan your next (or first) visit to how you can help preserve the wilderness for future generations.