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Want to become a Clean Lakes MN brand ambassador?

We are looking for brand ambassadors, people that will spread our message and products. Tell us what you know about protecting MN lakes and rivers. Where will you wear our products, who will you talk to about them, social media, etc. Send us an email at We then will figure out a discount on products. First come first serve.

What we expect from our ambassadors:

  • You do something to protect our waters!
  • Tag us in your pictures enjoying your time on our lakes, rivers or streams.
  • Tag us when you wear our apparel.
  • Talk to your family and friends about what they can do to protect our waters.
  • Talk to your family and friends about Clean Lakes MN.
  • Allow us to repost your pictures on social media (with credit to you).
  • Be active on social media on tagging us in pictures, at least a couple pictures a month.
  • If possible a link to our social media account or website. Ex. (@cleanlakesmn ambassador)
  • But most of all do what you can to protect our waters for future generations to enjoy!

Wear your support for Clean MN lakes and rivers!!

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